June 7, 2021

Excellent comfort! Crowdfunding of new sensation sustainable shoes born in hemp has started

High-quality sneakers "Explorer V2.0" made of natural hemp fiber (hemp) are now on sale at Crowdfunding Campfire!

From June 7, 2021, Crowd Marketing Inc. started pre-sale of high-quality sneakers "Explorer V2.0" made of natural hemp fiber (hemp) at the crowdfunding service Campfire.

<Explorer V2.0>
From the desire to show that even natural materials can make better sneaker products to win the fight against environmental pollution from plastics, we arrived at the water-repellent hemp fiber, the first model of the 8000 Kicks to commemorate "Explorer". Was born.

<Natural material hemp (hemp)>
Uses hemp (hemp) material, which has low water absorption and excellent natural water repellency. It is also comfortable to wear because it has excellent breathability!

<Dustproof by coating>
In addition to the natural water-repellent effect of hemp, the addition of a coating layer during the manufacturing process enhances the water repellency and also enhances the dustproof function that protects the fabric from dirt, liquids and dust particles.
Since dirt does not easily adhere to the fibers, it is easy to clean and can be kept clean! Even if it gets dirty, you can remove it by simply flushing it with water from above, so you don't have to wait until it dries and you can just put it on and go out.
Two water repellent coating layers protect against wind, cold, liquids and dust. An essential item for the outdoors!

<Durable and durable fiber>
Ford develops hemp material cars. When I tested hitting a car with an ax that also breaks steel, it was so strong that there was a story that the ax bounced off.
It is a material that is flexible, durable, and guarantees firm strength.

<Rubber sole made of recycled material>
Three features of the material!

・Has high durability and grip.
・Uses recycled materials that reduce the environmental burden.
・ It is soft and can move actively.

We have achieved both an uneven design for outdoor users and a lightweight design for casual users!

<Design that can be used anywhere>
Not only is it highly functional, but it also has a stylish design that can be used every day, whether outdoors or when walking around the city.


23-32 cm in 1 cm increments

8000Kicks is a Portuguese company aiming to realize a sustainable lifestyle by manufacturing sneakers with excellent eco-friendly solutions from 2018.

<Product overview>
Product name: Explorer V2.0
Material: 100% instep material Hemp, bottom material Bloom
Country of development: Portugal
Country of manufacture: China
Manufacturing company: 8000kicks

・ Crowdfunding service: Campfire
・ Period: June 7th to July 7th, 2021