May 20, 2021

"Expandable belt that fits your stomach" Crowdfunding started

Pre-sale of "UrbanBelt", an elastic belt without holes that can be attached and detached instantly, on the crowdfunding service Makuake

From May 20, 2021, Crowd Marketing Inc. started pre-sale of "Xpand" zero memory telescopic belt that can be used for a lifetime on the crowdfunding service Makuake.

<Urban Belt>
"Xpand" headquartered in Canada. Crowdfunding has raised nearly 40,000 backers and more than $ 1,200,000 in funding, with the development of a “non-tied shoelace” that can be worn comfortably in any condition with great success. And this time, from the elastic technology of the shoelace, the surprisingly easy-to-use "Urban Belt" was born.

<Magnetic buckle>
Since it uses an N64 grade magnet, which is quite strong in magnetism, it can be worn immediately, but it will not come off by mistake. It can be easily removed by shifting it up and down.

<Zero memory telescopic belt that can be changed to your liking>
You can change the color of the belt to suit your fashion. The calm color makes it easy to match with any outfit, and it is a design that can be used by both men and women.
There are 5 colors, so you can enjoy various combinations.

<Washable specifications>
Ordinary belts cannot be machine washed. However, the "Urban Belt" can be easily removed from the buckle, so it is a washable specification that can be washed in a washing machine, which is nice for people who are concerned about hygiene.

<Buckle material>
The buckle is made from a premium plastic called PA66 GF30. Tests have shown that it is extremely durable. It also has UV protection and weather resistance (prevents deterioration due to UV rays, etc.).

<Expandable belt material>
This telescopic belt has zero memory, which means it won't lose its elasticity or sag after multiple uses.
The elasticity of the material provides comfort and ease of use. When worn, it makes you feel like you are wearing sweatpants.

"Xpand" at the US headquarters has the idea of ​​"supporting people's lives by creating innovative products centered on performance, comfort, and stylishness." We have developed a system of "non-tied shoelaces" that eliminates the hassle of shoelaces, and we have supporters all over the world. Applying that technology, the "Urban Belt" was born.

・ Crowdfunding service: Makuake
・ Period: May 20th to June 20th, 2021