May 20, 2021

Can be taken off and put on in 3 seconds! "Shoe laces that do not tie" crowdfunding started

From "Xpand", which is headquartered in Canada, a system of "non-tied shoelaces" that can be easily worn in any condition is born. In October 2015, Kickstarter and then Indiegogo started crowdfunding the original Flat Xpand Lacing System. Since then, it has been a huge success, with nearly 40,000 backers and over $ 1,200,000 in funding.

From May 20, 2021, Crowd Marketing Inc. started pre-sale of shoelaces that do not tie "Xpand" on the crowdfunding service Makuake.
Crowdfunding period: May 20th to June 20th, 2021

<Quick Release Lacing System>
When the founding creator got sick in the foot, it became painful to tie the shoes because of the swelling, so it can be easily worn, tied, untied, and adjusted in an instant in any condition. The system of "non-tied shoelaces" was born.

<Quick lock & unlock>
When you want to relax or move firmly, you can adjust it in 3 seconds. Lock in place or move the lock to unlock. No difficult operation is required.

<High-grade elastic cord with high elasticity>
The inner lace inside the laces uses high-grade German elastic cord so that it can be expanded and contracted in any way of walking.
Unlike typical non-stretch laces, the Quick Release Lacing System acts as a small shock absorber. This provides ease of walking along the shape of the foot.
At first glance, it looks like a normal round style lace, but when you look inside, you can see the difference between the other laces. As many as 20 elastic cords maintain durability and zero memory. This prevents the laces from stretching like cheap underwear. The laces last as long as the shoes.

<Installation completed in 4 steps>
1. Attach the shoelaces to your favorite shape.
2. Thread the lock clip through the string.
3. Cut to a suitable length.
4. Tighten the tab with a click.
It can be completed in about 5 minutes in total.

<Active in other than shoes>
It can be applied to products that are fastened with strings, such as backpacks, shorts, pants, jackets, camping equipment, and camera bags. Not only can you get a hold on the lock, but you can also create a clean look.

<Effective design>
The Quick Release System is easy to install and easy to use. The design of one part is very effective and sets it apart from other products. Made of fiber reinforced plastic, it hardly breaks and can withstand messy handling.

<Guaranteed not to slip>
For eight months, Xpand used a variety of shoes and boots and repeated trial and error and testing. We made sure that it could withstand frequent use and shocks without rushing to market. It doesn't matter whether you're walking in the park or doing a triathlon. The lock is designed to be non-slip under pressures above 30 pounds (16.5 kg). This was four times the holding power of the other clip designs we tested.

<45 colors to choose from>
What a color! 45 colors! !! You can find the one that suits your shoes. In particular, we have selected trendy colors and popular colors. You can change it to suit your taste, mood and fashion.

A Canadian company with the philosophy of "supporting people's lives by creating innovative products centered on performance, comfort and stylishness."

・ Crowdfunding service: Makuake
・ Period: May 20th to June 20th, 2021