Introducing the unique members of crowd marketing.

  • Mitsuharu Masui


    Start a business while attending an American university.
    As the business grew, I dropped out of college and returned to Japan. Then I established Crowd Marketing Inc.

    I am grateful that I came across many business owners in the United States and found a job that allowed me to enjoy and work with brands around the world.
    We will continue to build a company that can contribute to society.

  • Midori Matsuzaki

    Director and General Manager of Management Department

    Surrounded by very warm members, I work as a manager of crowd marketing.
    I am entrusted with a rewarding job, and I feel the growth of the company and myself.

    I am a mom who raises three children at home, but I want to be like a mother who can support everyone at work.

  • Maori Ogawa

    Director and Sales Manager

    Through my part-time job experience in college, I learned the fun of turning something from 1 to ∞, and decided to join Crowd Marketing because I found it challenging and growing fast.
    Currently, I am working as the General Manager of the Corporate Planning Office, and I find the business full of potential challenging.

    I want to make the most of my time off and enjoy every day while achieving growth for the company and myself.