Crowd Marketing Inc.

Your Story, Our Journey.

Every product has a road to completion and a feeling of being put into it. We want to spread the true feelings and brand value of the products to the world.

We deliver unique products full of feeling and hope.


We work with uniqe and innovative brands around the world.


To the world beyond what crowdfunding leads.


What is crowd marketing?

We, Crowd Marketing, have a corporate philosophy of "delivering unique products with full of feeling to the world". We share the goodness and value of every brand with people through online transactions.

After establishing the company in 2020 and entering the crowdfunding market, We are in charge of the general agency of overseas brands and responsible for long-term brand building. The value that crowd marketing provides to society is to share the feelings and values of products with sellers and buyers.

We are looking forward to meeting people who can discover new things around the world and share the feelings with them.


Introducing the unique members of crowd marketing.


Let's build a company together.

Would you like to build a company with wonderful colleagues?

Young, imaginative and talented members are working together to drive crowd marketing.
Crowd marketing seeks people to grow a company together and take on the challenge of doing business around the world.
You will continue to grow together with the company. It is a group of such wonderful colleagues.

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