About Us

Welcome to Kurafan Trade

Who Are We

We are a Japanese trading retail company which expert in running a crowdfunding project and marketing. 

Our Mission

Bring an excitement to the world with sensational products.

What We Do

We offer a great service for foreign companies to enter into Japanese Market.

Why Choose Us ?

Obstacles: Foreign Companies Entering Japanese Market.

• Finding a long term, committed local partner/distributor. 

• Knowing the right platforms for your products. 

• Knowing the right marketing tools for your products. 

Language barrier and cultural misunderstanding. 

Costly third party agents covering business matters in Japan. 

• Japanese specific regulations, industry standards, testing requirements, etc.

Why Us?

• We will be your long term partner/distributor who cares about you.

• We purchase your products at wholesale and take care the rest of business matter; such as running a campaign, e-commerce, negotiation, and distribution with large retailers.

No fees and no charges for creating the campaign page, translating materials, running advertisements, handling the shipping, import, customer services. • All of our team members will communicate in English.

• We have studied and tested various distribution/advertising channels that works the best for Japanese market depending on the product features.

• We will employ the most effective Japanese media, SNS ads, influencers, etc to attract the customers through our own primary data.